Bitcoin politician wants to upgrade democracy in Vermont

By Yaël Ossowski | When Jeremy Hansen ran for political office in 2012, he had no idea his candidacy would spark imaginations across the country. The assistant professor of computer science at Norwich University in Northfield, Vt., ran for the Vermont state Senate for Washington County on a bold platform of using online technology to ask every citizen their view on a particular […]

Relaxed Vermont pot laws may lead to legalization

By Yaël Ossowski | In July of this year, Vermont lawmakers took a bold step. They removed criminal penalties for those caught with small amounts of marijuana. Now, 5 months later, decriminalization of pot is generally judged to be a great success in the Green Mountain State, a sentiment which could push Vermont to be the third […]

Canada Should End Its Love of “Hate Speech” Bans

Censorship Contradicts One of the Most Fundamental Principles We Can Observe By Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post Should it be a crime to believe an alternative version of history? What about publishing photos or writing articles that certain groups may deem offensive or downright hateful? At least in the United States, thanks in large part to the […]

Passing gas: Will seized private land clear way for pipeline?

By Yaël Ossowski | If you build it, they will come … and take your land. Vermonters might face that scenario if the state’s largest private energy company can get approval for its new natural gas pipeline. Vermont Gas Systems put forth a proposed extension of the Addison Rutland Natural Gas Project pipeline project to bring natural gas to […]

Fox News: Natural gas in Vermont? No fracking way, say green groups

By Yaël Ossowski | Fox News Published November 20, 2013 No drilling, no pipelines, and no natural gas. If environmental groups in Vermont get their way, this could be the new slogan of the Green Mountain state. That’s the message of their latest campaign to oppose the extension of a Vermont Gas Systems pipeline intended to […]

Natural gas in Vermont? No fracking way, say green groups

By Yaël Ossowski | No drilling, no pipelines, and no natural gas. If environmental groups in Vermont get their way, this could be the new slogan of the Green Mountain state. That’s the message of their latest campaign to oppose the extension of a Vermont Gas Systems pipeline intended to transport shale gas from Canada to New York. Vermont already became […]

The Watchers of the Watchers Have Flipped

US Intel Oversight Committees Are Biggest Cheerleaders of Privacy Violations By Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post In the months since revelations about mass surveillance programs deployed by US and foreign leaders came to the public’s attention, there has been formidable outrage at home and abroad. The practice has sowed the seeds of distrust in Germany, troubled relations between the United […]

Comment le mal hongrois se diffuse à travers l’Europe

La Pologne envisage de nationaliser les fonds de pension privés. Dans l’esprit de Victor Orban en Hongrie. Par Marek Tatala* et Yaël Ossowski** | L’AGEFI à Genève Cet automne, le premier ministre polonais Donald Tusk a déclaré son intention de revenir sur les réformes du système de retraites en saisissant les comptes d’épargne privés. S’il […]

Vermont uses Democratic state rep’s brother to push state health exchange

By Yaël Ossowski | In the effort to promote the new health insurance exchange required by Obamacare, Vermont might have gone a little overboard. In a promotional advertisement posted to its social media accounts, Vermont Health Connect, the state’s health insurance exchange, posted a testimonial featuring Brian D. McCarthy, a father of two from Swanton. Hepraises the exchange. […]

Des voitures abordables pour les Canadiens, de la viande moins chère pour les Européens

Par Yaël Ossowski et Fred Roeder | Huffington Post Québec Le 18 octobre, le gouvernement canadien a signé un accord de libre-échange avec l’Union européenne (UE). Quoiqu’il attende d’être ratifié par les États membres de l’UE et les provinces canadiennes, un coup d’œil à cet accord nous montre comment la suppression d’obstacles au commerce pourra […]

Christie’s gubernatorial re-election bucks D.C. establishment

By Yaël Ossowski | Even before the ink on the final ballot was dry Tuesday, a certain class of political observers were busying their keyboards with the takeaway that the vote in New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie‘s favor served as nothing more than a proverbial catapult for the nation’s highest office in Washington, D.C. “The win gives […]

Cheaper Meat for Europeans and Affordable Cars for Canadians

By Yaël Ossowski and Fred Roeder | PanAm Post On October 18, the Canadian government signed a free trade agreement with the European Union. Though it still awaits ratification by EU member states and Canadian provinces, a quick peek into the historic document reveals exactly how reduced trade barriers will foster growth and boost prosperity […]

Canada: The True North American Experiment in Decentralization

Putting Her Southern Neighbour to Shame Among the nations of North America, people often trumpet the United States as the true bastion of freedom and limited government. But as the US federal government hoards a US$17 trillion debt, polices the world with its sprawling number of military bases, and nurses a regulatory addiction on full display with 174,545 […]

Russia’s “Anti-Gay” Law Reveals US Media Misinformation and Hyperbole

By Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post In the course of disseminating important news and information, words matter. The words describing the recent Russian law affecting “gay propaganda” matter because they reveal a type of hysteria not seen since the days of the Cold War. Allow me to explain. On June 29 of this year, Russian […]

Lonegan-Booker: If blacks stay away from New Jersey polls, could the Republican win?

By Yaël Ossowski | If black voters in New Jersey don’t come out Wednesday in full force for Democratic Newark Mayor Cory Booker, it could be an easy victory for Republican Steve Lonegan, former mayor of Bogota, in the race to become New Jersey‘s next U.S. Senator. That’s the analysis by one prominent mathematician and political observer who […]