Salut mes amis — I'm Yaël, a consumer advocate, journalist, columnist, and syndicated radio host. My writings and interviews have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and online outlets across the world in multiple languages. I write about innovative technology, healthcare, science, lifestyle freedom, and smart public policies.


A Portrait of the Journalist as a Young Man

There is no more exciting adventure than questioning those in power. It’s an act I’ve been able to enjoy in different countries, cities, and languages. I’ve been able to interview small-town mayors, bigwig police chiefs, and was even awarded the chance to grill New Jersey Governor Chris Christie while he flirted with running for national […]

L’État Contre les Jeunes

Les baby-boomers ont perpétré un véritable hold-up générationnel : ils ont sans cesse augmenté la taille de l’État québécois pour profiter de ses largesses en confisquant aux plus jeunes leur part de la richesse collective. Or, à l’heure où toutes nos institutions vacillent, ils atteignent l’âge de la retraite et menacent de porter le coup […]

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