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Climate lawyers could control the future of American energy, not consumers

When we think of American energy, we conjure up images of oil drillers, refineries, pipelines, and end products we put into our cars or the plastic products we use daily. There are millions of jobs and billions of products sourced from energy production that make our society abundant and wealthy. That’s especially true today under […]

Climate-change lawsuits discourage those seeking solutions

When Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced lawsuits against fossil fuel companies in 2020, the moment was ripe. Reports on elevated greenhouse-gas emissions were stark, demonstrating both a warming planet and causal evidence that fossil fuels were a lead culprit. The lawsuit led by Ellison’s office aims to hold accountable “companies responsible for harms associated […]

‘Risky Business’ billionaire bankers prop up federal carbon taxes

By Yaël Ossowski | Watchdog.org Ramping up the focus on the economic consequences of global warming, the newly minted Risky Business Project has unveiled a report predicting billions of dollars in damage if government fails to intervene. The report is laden with photos of recent hurricanes, floods, and storms, hoping to connect these weather events to the burning of fossil fuels and […]

Why John Kerry’s Climate-Change Crusade Is Dangerous and Wrong

Obama’s Top Diplomat Leads with Doomsday Fiction, Follows with Policy Delusion By YAËL OSSOWSKI JUNE 4, 2014 PanAm Post John Kerry has made tackling climate change his top priority as US Secretary of State. It’s a mission doomed from the beginning, and we should be glad to see Kerry fail. The reasons for this are more about policy and […]