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Control of the Net must go

In authoritarian regimes across the world, government control and regulation of the Internet is a given. Here in the U.S., we’ve managed to keep our online world relatively free from any bureaucratic oversight. That changed in 2015, based on a mandate from President Obama, when the Federal Communications Commission voted to classify Internet Service Providers […]

Little Hollywood: Military Access, Incentives Drive N.C. Film Industry

Military access, incentives drive N.C. film industry By Yaël Ossowski | Gaston Gazette The cities of Belmont and Gastonia can boast of their role in an award-winning television series. Broadcast on the cable network Showtime, the series “Homeland” won two awards at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, one for best actress and another for best […]

Separation of Sport and State: Does Military’s Relationship with NASCAR Cost Taxpayers?

Does military’s relationship with NASCAR cost taxpayers? It is a sport which has never been ashamed to cater to nationalism. Sundays at a NASCAR race are awash with American flags donned on T-shirts, race cars and beer koozies. Thousands of fans camped out at the racetrack proudly fly the stars and stripes from the flagpoles […]

Why Gaston cops lost their ‘eye in the sky’

Gaston County Police officers were ecstatic when they unveiled the department’s shiny drone aircraft to the public in 2006. Equipped with low-light and infrared cameras, the unmanned aerial vehicle known as the “CyberBug” was promised to deliver sweeping surveillance, tactical operational support during raids, extensive crime scene photography and a bird’s eye view of hidden […]

New Gaston Gazette Articles This Week

The following are the three articles I wrote this week for The Gaston Gazette. Study: Vending Machines in Schools Not to Blame for Obesity N.C. Congressional Delegation Split on Insider Trading Bill No-Snow Winter Would Be First in History for Region Check out my Gazette page to catch up on all contributions thus far.

No-snow winter would be first in history for region

If the skies fail to yield any frozen precipitation in the next six to eight weeks, the greater Charlotte region could experience its first-ever winter without any snow. This is a stark contrast to last year’s abnormally snowy season, which left children celebrating multiple school closings and parents fretting dangerous and icy road conditions. According […]