For an Independent Scotland, and a Free One Too

Dispatches from the Battleground in What Could Be a New Nation By Yaël Ossowski | September 12, 2014 | PANAM POST It’s been said we’re all witnesses to history. In just a few days, ordinary Scots have the rare opportunity to be promoted far beyond that, to the level of active participants in a major seismic shift of geopolitics. The decision the majority of the Scottish public will make in the September 18 referendum to become an independent country has the potential to break up the United Kingdom, one of the most powerful countries of the last three centuries. Beyond […]

Exploring Scotland in the days before it votes to break away

A French-Canadian Visits the Nation Which Could Soon Become Free by Yaël Ossowski | PanAm Post What is it like to cross a tract of land which may soon become a border between two countries? From behind the wheel of my rented Spanish SEAT Léon, the vast territory looked rather similar. The sight of the Scottish line from the English side looked much like the political division between my native Canadian province of Québec and its immediate neighbor, Ontario. There’s a large, prominent sign featuring the colors of blue and white. It has a few symbols related to ancient traditions […]