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Litigation Finance Exposes Our Judicial System to Foreign Exploitation

Now that Congress has come to its senses about a forced divestiture plan to uncouple TikTok from the Chinese Communist Party, we’d be remiss not to explore other examples of how powers such as China influence American institutions. Let’s look at our justice system. In a handful of local court cases around the country, a Shenzhen-based firm has been […]

Climate lawyers could control the future of American energy, not consumers

When we think of American energy, we conjure up images of oil drillers, refineries, pipelines, and end products we put into our cars or the plastic products we use daily. There are millions of jobs and billions of products sourced from energy production that make our society abundant and wealthy. That’s especially true today under […]

This Sneaky Bipartisan Bankruptcy Reform Will Sting Tech Consumers

If there’s one theme emerging this year in Washington, D.C., it’s the full-on bipartisan rampage against American tech firms. In a courthouse just blocks away from the Capitol, Google is defending its search engine against the Justice Department, while down the street the Federal Trade Commission is finalizing its case to break up Amazon. The […]

Climate-change lawsuits discourage those seeking solutions

When Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced lawsuits against fossil fuel companies in 2020, the moment was ripe. Reports on elevated greenhouse-gas emissions were stark, demonstrating both a warming planet and causal evidence that fossil fuels were a lead culprit. The lawsuit led by Ellison’s office aims to hold accountable “companies responsible for harms associated […]

Florida should crack down on frivolous lawsuits, costly verdicts

In a time of bitter division in our country, it’s refreshing to see partisan flags fall and elected leaders rally to improve our institutions and make our communities better off and more secure. In Florida and dozens of other states, that mantra of late has been “criminal-justice reform.” Florida’s 2019 reforms sought to rehabilitate rather than punish, […]

Have We Reached Peak Lawsuit?

Another day, another bogus lawsuit. That seems to be the trend in today’s frantic fever to adjudicate every aspect of our lives. It’s gone much beyond the famous $3 million McDonalds “hot coffee” lawsuit of the 1990s. We see this with the landmark $572 million opioid lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson in Oklahoma, boiling down […]