DOCUMENTARY: “Tuscan Love”

“Tuscan Love” Directed by Yaël Ossowski Freiheit Productions My documentary on an excursion to celebrate love in the Tuscan hills of Italy. Discover the rustic towns of Vinci and Monsummano Terme to uncover the beautiful landscapes and historic villas. Hitch a seat at a traditional Tuscan wedding in Montecatini, enjoy the blissful poetry of Dante, and explore the romantic streets of Montalcino and Florence. Running time: (17:29) I shot all the video on an iPhone 4S and edited on an open-source Linux version of Kdenlive. All music acquired freely and without license at YouTube link Dailymotion link

Making the Switch to Ubuntu

Monopolies are never a good thing. Especially not when they’re reinforced by culture, society, and every aspect of business. For the operating system world, at first it was Microsoft. Slowly, it’s becoming Apple. In a world with a free market, a perfect monopoly would never actually come to fruition–it’s just unfortunate that we don’t live in one. I remember reading in Noam Chomsky’s 1996 book World Orders: Old and New about how Microsoft became such a large and expansive company. Chomsky  says it began when the federal government began installing the Windows OS on all the computers in the bureaucracy, sinking […]