‘Pot Banks’: The Answer for a Budding Industry?

By Yaël Ossowski | MG Retailer When California voters approved Proposition 64 in November 2016, the Golden State became effectively the largest jurisdiction in the world to legalize recreational sale and use of cannabis. On January 1 of this year, when recreational sales were legalized, politicians, tax collectors, and business owners already were seeing green. The state estimates it will collect $600 million in taxes from cannabis sales. And it doesn’t end there. According to BDS Analytics, an independent research firm, California’s cannabis market in 2018 will be $3.7 billion. That’s just shades short of the $4.2 billion estimate for […]

Canada Can Lead The Way On Pot, Vapes and Plain Packs

The world is paying attention to Canada right now. Two very important pieces of legislation on consumer products are being debated, which could provide many lessons for the world. House Bill C-45, the world’s most extensive cannabis legalization and the first for a country in the G7, successfully passed on November 28 and goes to the Senate. That’s where they’ve proposed Bill S-5 to amend the Tobacco Act, mandating plain packaging on tobacco products and heavy restrictions on vaping, the electronic alternative to cigarettes. Both changes affect Canadian consumers directly, but also provide lessons indirectly for countries around the world […]