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Democrats must not be allowed to replicate Europe’s energy disaster

In the Alpine nation of Austria, where I currently live, residents are receiving the euro equivalent of $490 as a “climate and anti-inflation” bonus. This will be a godsend for those struggling with rocketing European energy prices and sustained inflation . Other European nations are doing the same, as well as more than a dozen […]

Energy costs struggle against judicial activist squeeze

YAËL OSSOWSKI In the traditional American view of self-government, we prefer decision-making to be as local as possible. Government works best when decisions are made closest to those affected, whether at the city, municipal, or state level, depending on the question. This makes democratic accountability easier and lets states and municipalities become “laboratories of democracy,” […]

John Oliver delivers Democratic Party talking points on antitrust

What does it say about us when we turn to comedians to inform our thinking on politics? We’ve witnessed the rise of Ukrainian comedian-turned-wartime-President Volodymyr Zelensky. Former Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales was a comedian, too, but was dogged by very unfunny allegations of corruption. Comedian Dave Smith will likely seek the 2024 Libertarian Party presidential nomination, having led the “Mises […]

For the sake of the international order, we need Biden to sell more gas

If President Joe Biden wants to kneecap the Russian war machine and save global liberalism, the best thing he can do is start selling more gas. I don’t mean “I Did That” stickers Gorilla-glued to your gas pumps. I mean pure, American-fracked, and American-drilled natural gas shipped out from our terminals and pumped into European […]

Facebook failures may be real, but the case for increased censorship is weak

By Yaël Ossowski | Washington Examiner Once the so-called Facebook whistleblower revealed her identity and story, it was only a matter of time before the public imagination of one of the largest social networking sites would go off the rails. What Frances Haugen released to the Wall Street Journal in her initial leaks, which it dubbed the “Facebook Files ,” […]

Michael Bloomberg propels the WHO’s nanny state mission creep

Michael Bloomberg may have a domestic reputation as a tough-talking, three-term big-city mayor who blew hundreds of millions on a doomed presidential campaign, but around the world, his money talks. For years, his charity Bloomberg Philanthropies has dispensed billions of dollars to global causes near and dear to the billionaire’s heart: climate change, public health, education, and […]

Support Iranian protesters: Let them visit America

On Saturday, President Trump hit the record books yet again, this time for tweeting the most-liked message in the Persian language ever. The tweet offered support to the Iranian people protesting in the streets against their government and lauded their courage. The protests swelled throughout the weekend, mostly at university campuses, as young Iranians expressed anger that their government […]

Don’t let cities ruin the scooter revolution

In major urban centers across the globe, a handful of companies have deployed technology due to be one of the most innovative solutions to the mountains of traffic and mobility issues that plague our cities. Electric scooters are smart mobility vehicles that offer a revolution in dealing with problems of traffic congestion and the “ […]

Birthright citizenship helped make America great

The United States has always been an exceptional country. Its Constitution and amendments, along with its founding, inherent rights, and the arguments over the role of the state have provided a glowing example for the world to follow. Freedom of the press, right to privacy, abolishment of slavery, and birthright citizenship in the 14th Amendment […]

The healthcare system is a racket — direct primary care could fix it

Everyone has a healthcare horror story. A hidden charge on the hospital bill. A last minute test or scan that ends up costing four figures. Hours spent on the phone with insurance companies to follow up on a claim and get a reimbursement. Prescriptions costing hundreds of dollars. And it’s getting more expensive. Since 2007, […]

Ending sugar protectionism will help boost small business and benefit consumers

This week in the nation’s capital, the House Agriculture Committee will decide the fate of various agricultural subsidies and food benefits for millions of Americans.  The bill, H.R. 2 , known as the Farm Bill, includes provisions on crop insurance, dairy prices, wetland conservation, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) adjustments, and dozens of other rules and regulations […]

Sugar subsidies are anything but sweet

By Yaël Ossowski | Washington Examiner For far too long, domestic producers of sugar have gotten a sweet deal from the federal government. Thanks to the U.S. sugar program, sugar beet and sugar cane farmers have had the advantage of minimum prices, cheap loans, and tariffs to keep out competitors — all at taxpayer expense. […]

Workers can’t afford tariffs or a trade war, President Trump

To the Trump protectionist hammer, every product imported looks like a nail. On Monday, we learned that President Trump’s trade enforcer, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, announced new tariffs on solar panels and washing machines assembled outside the U.S. For washers and dryers from companies such as Samsung and LG, steep tariffs as high as […]

The Internet didn’t need net neutrality in 2015, and it doesn’t now

In authoritarian regimes across the world, government control and regulation of the Internet is a given. Here in the U.S., we’ve managed to keep our online world relatively free from any bureaucratic oversight. That changed in 2015, based on a mandate from President Barack Obama, when the Federal Communications Commission voted to classify Internet Service […]