HUMAN EVENTS: Swing State Report, Week 6

More from my contribution to this week’s Human Events magazine:


Romney, Ryan, Biden in Sunshine State looking to persuade undecided voters

More uncertainty abounds in the race to capture Florida, with only two weeks remaining before the election and more miles due to be logged by the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Thursday, GOP vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan made stops in Ocala and Fort Myers, Republican-heavy areas, and met up with Mitt Romney in Daytona Beach after a few days of vital political fundraising.

Vice President Joe Biden stopped by Fort Pierce and Tampa Bay on Friday, once again urging the crowds to vote early and seal the deal for the Democratic ticket — pushing the re-election’s hopes of winning the biggest share of absentee ballots.

Sure to cause some upheaval, however, is the latest major endorsement by a major Florida newspaper, which gave its blessing to Barack Obama in 2008. The Orlando Sentinel, the largest newspaper in the vote-heavy Interstate 4 corridor, shocked many political observers across the nation by endorsing Mitt Romney. The paper endorsed Democrats in the past two presidential elections.

In the midst of heated events in the Middle East, the candidates will hope to make their case on foreign policy in the final debate Monday night in Boca Raton. They are expected to be questioned on policy toward Iran, Syria, Libya and the fate of the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

The state of Israel will most likely get heavy air time during the final debate, owing to the large percentage of Jewish voters both candidates are counting on to help lock up Florida’s 29 electoral votes on Election Day.

Poll Watch: Romney continues his upswing in the Sunshine State, as the last five major polls show him with an average three-point lead — but the president’s numbers remain strong. The Gravis Marketing poll shows Romney up 49 percent to 48 percent over Obama, keeping the race, and all expectations, within the margin of error.

— Yaël Ossowski

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