I’ll admit, it started out so innocently. 

It was but a small speck of time, those faint months spent in Vienna. My eyes open wide to an entire new existence. Never before had I been to a land where I couldn’t speak the language. And now, my heart embraced feelings it couldn’t dare to understand. It’s funny that our smallest actions become the prime pangs that rule our stars. 

But that’s what that love etched under the Austrian stars for me that spring and summer. The quick and the fleeting became my existence. She agreed to visit me, and to enter my world. There couldn’t have been anything more important to reorient my passions. 

Since then, we’ve built a life. We balance between continents and fling our gazes at each and every dwelling we envision as our own. I’m not sure if it was in the streets of Florence, Bangkok, Philadelphia, or Canggu Beach, but we became a force onto ourselves.

Then, on the hill of vineyards high above Vienna where she first showed me happiness, she said yes to spending her life with me. My soliloquy forever answered.

For the past week, I’ve been with this girl in New England. Small townhouses encapsulate a potential life, but we’d rather keep it at bay. The cobblestone and grand statues of Vienna bind us more than any suburb or town tavern can.

Perhaps our adventure will place us west of the Atlantic, or maybe our fate lies on the Old Continent. 

Regardless, my play will continue with her forever in the scene. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.