Last Interview with Karl Knox on CJLO 1690AM

On Friday 15. Feb, 2013, I was invited onto the radio show of my mentor and former colleague Karl Knox.

karlknoxKarl Knox, progressive radio host

Karl is a kingpin on the Montréal airwaves, starting the radio day on CJLO 1690AM, and built up a great career as a stand-up comedian and commentator, headlining shows all across the Great White North.

As this was his last show on the CJLO airwaves for a while, he invited me on to give quick perspectives on the State of the Union, unilateral presidential actions, corrupt banks, too big to fail, why the EU is anti-democratic and run by the bankers, and much more.

It was fun as always.


Check out his page, New Media and Politics Canada and follow him on Twitter @knoxkp.

The show has been included in the Liberty In Exile feed.

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