A North Carolina Republican is singlehandedly blocking progress on cannabis banking

For the 98 percent of Americans who live in states or jurisdictions with some level of cannabis legalization – whether recreational or medical – it is far past the time to have some legitimate banking options. There are now thousands of cannabis-related businesses that buy and sell goods and services, estimated to be worth over $50 billion nationally. However, […]

Cannabis stocks climb ahead of congressional hearing on bank access

Yaël Ossowski, deputy director at the cannabis advocacy group Consumer Choice Center, urged lawmakers to push for banking reform, outlining the risks facing companies forced to operate as cash-only businesses. “Higher risk means cannabis companies face additional costs,” Ossowski said in a statement. “They have to hire security guards for transporting cash and paying local […]

Legal Cannabis Is Here to Stay, and Consumers and Entrepreneurs Deserve Safe Banking Options

For hundreds of millions of Americans across the country, cannabis is no longer the “reefer madness” street drug it once was. Much like alcohol before it, the cannabis plant has evolved from a narcotic trafficked across borders and sold on the black market into one of the most sought-after products in legitimate commerce, bought by consumers who […]

Si la CAQ souhaite promouvoir l’économie, il faut s’ouvrir au cannabis

Le nouveau premier ministre du Québec François Legault, de la Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), dit qu’il veut remettre plus d’argent dans les portefeuilles des Québécois. Et maintenant que la CAQ a le mandat d’un gouvernement majoritaire, les paroles vont bientôt se transformer en actions. Legault et la CAQ ont déjà déclaré qu’ils sont en faveur […]

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