Si la CAQ souhaite promouvoir l’économie, il faut s’ouvrir au cannabis

Le nouveau premier ministre du Québec François Legault, de la Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), dit qu’il veut remettre plus d’argent dans les portefeuilles des Québécois. Et maintenant que la CAQ a le mandat d’un gouvernement majoritaire, les paroles vont bientôt se transformer en actions. Legault et la CAQ ont déjà déclaré qu’ils sont en faveur […]

Eyesore Marijuana Packaging Isn’t Healthy For Canadians Or Competition

Recently proposed restrictions on branding and logos, as well as exhaustive warning requirements, won’t benefit legal cannabis users. By Yaël Ossowski Deputy director at Consumer Choice Center. Last Monday, Health Canada unveiled its proposed guidance on how cannabis should be regulated, marketed and sold once it is fully legalized in later this year, likely in July or […]

Sweden Pot Legalization Debunked

In due haste, the blogosphere dedicated to discussing news and information took to rehashing a bogus story which turned out to be a vicious hoax devoid of any and all fact. From twitter to facebook to reddit and tumblr, the limelight was focused upon the apparent change of heart in Swedish stoner-politics, finally allowing the […]

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