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Trump’s 6-Month Window To Limit Car Imports Might Lead To A New Trade War

Washington D.C.: President Trump will give the EU and Japan six months to agree to a deal that would “limit or restrict” imports of automobiles and their parts into the US. It is claimed that car imports threaten national security since they have hurt domestic producers and their ability to invest in new technologies. In response, Consumer Choice Center Deputy […]

Austria is leagues beyond its past: So stop invoking it

A modern visitor to the vibrant Alpine Republic of Austria can be forgiven for succumbing to its charm, beauty, and permanent sense of order.  From the stunning Alps in the west to the cobblestoned streets of the Imperial City of Vienna in the east, it’s a majestic country which boasts great pride from its 8.5 […]

Cheaper Meat for Europeans and Affordable Cars for Canadians

By Yaël Ossowski and Fred Roeder | PanAm Post On October 18, the Canadian government signed a free trade agreement with the European Union. Though it still awaits ratification by EU member states and Canadian provinces, a quick peek into the historic document reveals exactly how reduced trade barriers will foster growth and boost prosperity […]

The Stateless Man: As Europe Centralizes Power, Catalonia Yearns to Break Free

By Yaël Ossowski | The Stateless Man “Catalunya no és Espanya.” More than just a slogan, it’s become a rallying cry for the nearly 7.5 million Catalans who wish to demonstrate to the world that their culture, history, and language are far removed from the traditional concept of Spain. As a recent visitor to the city of […]