Trump’s 6-Month Window To Limit Car Imports Might Lead To A New Trade War

Washington D.C.: President Trump will give the EU and Japan six months to agree to a deal that would “limit or restrict” imports of automobiles and their parts into the US. It is claimed that car imports threaten national security since they have hurt domestic producers and their ability to invest in new technologies. In response, Consumer Choice Center Deputy […]

Liberty In Exile: The Taxholes

DIRECT LINK TO MP3 This 22. May 2013 show was broadcast from the Freiheit Studio in Vienna, Austria on the Liberty Radio Network and the No Agenda Stream. The week’s episode is all about governments wanting more money from their subjects– scheduling hearings and summits on tax “avoidance” and so-called tax “havens.” We’ll look in on the Senate’s bashing […]

Liberty In Exile: The European Soviet Union

DIRECT LINK TO MP3 This 13. April 2013 show was broadcast from das Freiheit Studio in Vienna, Austria on the Liberty Radio Network and the No Agenda Stream. I was joined by guest Mart van der Leer of, in Meerkerk, The Netherlands. Specifically we talked about the so-called European Stability Mechanism, bailouts through the back door, European Soviet […]

Lessons in Federalism

Imagine the local sheriff or police chief issuing an arrest warrant for the President of the United States. Imagine that the majority of the citizens in that local jurisdiction agree with the arrest warrant, and in fact take to the streets to support its issuance. Imagine that other local sheriffs and police chiefs band together to push […]

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