The Hold on the Trillion-Dollar Crypto Trade Leaves It Vulnerable

Throughout the cascading cryptocurrency collapses and bankruptcies this summer, one name rose to the top: Sam Bankman-Fried, also known as SBF. The Bahamas-based American billionaire entrepreneur heads FTX, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange. This year, he’s become a primary protagonist in the folding of crypto platforms and hedge funds like Celsius Network, Voyager and Three Arrows Capital, deploying a proverbial $1 billion parachute to scoop up failing firms, prop up those facing insolvency and flirt with acquisitions worth hundreds of millions. He’s also become a primary player in American domestic politics, revealing he’s willing to spend up to $1 billion […]

Not your keys, not your coins: Claiming better ownership of your stack with Bitcoin privacy

The tools to be a better sovereign Bitcoin user are at your disposal – and recent developments suggest you should use them When significant consolidations happen in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoiners have a habit of sounding the alarm, reminding folks to remove their hard-earned Satoshis from exchanges and brokerages. It’s sound advice both from a price perspective (loaded exchanges signal selling pressure) and a control perspective. The general mantra is “not your keys, not your coins”. The practical reasons are simple: you cannot 100% rely on exchanges to ensure liquidity, withdrawals often take time (think Celsius), and you just never know when a genuine […]

New York lawmakers just killed Bitcoin and crypto mining and consumers will suffer

Albany, NY – Early this morning, the New York State Senate joined with the State Assembly to pass a moratorium on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining, issuing yet another reminder that state lawmakers want to deny their residents from interacting with cryptocurrencies. The law would prevent new permits from being issued to carbon-based fueled proof-of-work mining operations that use behind-the-meter energy, putting millions of dollars worth of investments into jeopardy. This follows the logic of the much-derided BitLicense regulation, which has made it nearly impossible for small and medium-sized firms to offer crypto services to New York residents. “By passing this bill, New York lawmakers are […]

Potentials for Bitcoin in State Government

Our country is dealing with some of the highest inflation in a generation while COVID jitters and government restrictions shake the economy. But state and local policymakers are not powerless to protect their residents. There is always Bitcoin. In a time of inflation, ballooning government debts, and broader financial uncertainty, a Bitcoin-first policy would be a welcome message. The main advantage of Bitcoin, apart from being an alternative to the monetary manipulation of Washington, is that it is digital cash based on a decentralized and transparent public ledger that must be verified by thousands of independent nodes, or computers. It is forever […]

Crypto Hunters: Why Elites are Anxious About Cryptocurrencies

Over the last decade, while we have lived through the ebbs and flows of global crises, triumphs, and changes, a ‘paradigm shift’ has been happening across a network of interconnected computers. This shift began in 2008 when the pseudonymous ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ unveiled his new project: a trustless peer-to-peer network of monetary transactions that would be recorded on a decentralized public ledger. This new version of ‘electronic cash’ was called Bitcoin. A Bitcoin is created by computers attempting to solve a cryptographic algorithm—a process known as “mining”—which are then ‘rewarded’ with units of monetary representation for having solved the block of code. […]

The Smart Way to Think About Crypto Regulation

Within the usually boring procedure of shepherding another massive infrastructure bill through Congress last month, a fiery debate erupted over the future of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The Senate bill contained broad language to ensure tax and regulatory compliance on all cryptocurrency transactions, regardless of origin, as a revenue generator. However, traditional financial transactions cannot compare to the complex algorithmic crypto world of mining, staking, rewards, and smart contracts. It is easy to see why many digital currency enthusiasts were alarmed. In a hackneyed manner no one saw coming, the entire future of the crypto industry, including projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, […]

Social Freedom, Entrepreneurs, and Dreamers: A Battle Cry for Today’s Political Youth

Every few years in the world of politics, there begins a new push to reach out to young people, and with good reason. In the 2019 federal election, the 9.5 million millennials in Canada will make up the largest single voting bloc. Whether they will come out and vote to let their voice be heard, however, is another question. But that said, if they do come out and vote, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Young people are some of the first to feel effects of government policies, whether it be the minimum wage, education reform, or […]

The Scotch Enlightenment Podcast

Last week I was a guest on the Scotch Enlightenment podcast. I had a great conversation with Daniel and Bill, and I recommend you give a listen! ––– In our first regular episode of The Scotch Enlightenment, Yaël Ossowski (@yaeloss) joins us for an hour full of society, economics and technology. Our topics in this podcast include: Why no one should trust a German solution for fake news. Who is responsible if you order illegal drugs through your smart speaker? If Bitcoin goes to pieces, it won’t really matter Yaël is a well traveled cosmopolitan journalist based in Vienna. Check […]

Vice: To sell, or not to sell:As Bitcoin hits the $10,000 mark, investors need to make a game-time decision

I was quoted in a Vice article on the latest Bitcoin milestone. You could speed up a transaction, but that would cost you an extra fee — at times, 10 percent of the amount you’re trying to transfer, which, given today’s prices, simply don’t make sense for the average retail investor. “I bought a coffee at a London cafe for 3 pounds, and I had to wait 2 hours to get it confirmed, and that was back in 2014 when there were fewer transactions” Yael Ossowski, a bitcoin investor and Deputy Director at the Consumer Choice Center, an international think-tank, […]

The Innocents Abroad Episode 16: Whiny Baker-Miller Pink Millennial

Is this whole “digital nomad millennial life” just fake? Is Elon Musk a hero or government grant gargling villain? Will his innovations last? Are the Baltics the best part of Europe? And what the hell is Baker-Miller pink? Tune in this week for another take on life and society abroad with The Innocents Abroad. 23. October 2017 SHOWNOTES:…ize-living-in-vans/…bet-on-bitcoin…have-club-online/