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Ditching State Monopolies (Yaël on Joe Catenacci Show Big Talker FM)

-The Suez boat affair reveals a lot about the necessity and complications of free trade -Lysander Spooner and the American Letter Mail Company -The importance of federalism -The history of the French cajuns (cadiens) and the French language in Louisiana Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski interviewed on the Joe Catenacci Show. This was […]

Trusting the Elites (Yaël on the Joe Catenacci Show) Big Talker FM

-The AstraZeneca affair in Europe has shredded the credibility of several political leaders and the establishment -Florida’s Ron DeSantis vs. the Elites and what it means for the future of public policy -The Biden Administration has abandoned free trade Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski interviewed on the Joe Catenacci Show. This was broadcast […]

Baby Jesus, hemp, free trade, and Xmas traditions (Yaël on the Joe Catenacci Show)

-The Hemp revolution could be just around the corner and North Carolina could benefit -How was President Trump for consumers? -Could we have had more competition in healthcare? What is the best position on trade for consumers? -The Ossowski Christmas in 2020 Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski on The Joe Catenacci Show. This […]

Yaël on Joe Catenacci Show: Spanish Caliphate, Brexit Day, and Breaking Down Coronavirus

Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski on The Joe Catenacci Show. Topics discussed: Yaël reports from Córdoba, Spain: The History of Islamic Spain and the Moors Brexit Day: What happens when the clock runs out Free Trade coming? The WHO cares more about vaping than coronavirus China’s crackdown on people sharing virus info shows […]

Trump’s 6-Month Window To Limit Car Imports Might Lead To A New Trade War

Washington D.C.: President Trump will give the EU and Japan six months to agree to a deal that would “limit or restrict” imports of automobiles and their parts into the US. It is claimed that car imports threaten national security since they have hurt domestic producers and their ability to invest in new technologies. In response, Consumer Choice Center Deputy […]

How the Carolinas could suffer from Trump’s tariffs

In the last election and on the global stage, President Donald Trump talked tough on trade. It’s us versus them and we’re losing, he says. Put simply, he views the current trade deficit, when we import more from a country than we export to it, as detrimental to American jobs. Since January, that trade deficit […]

Trade Panel’s Rejection of Trump’s Jet Tariff Is a Sign of Good Things to Come

By Yaël Ossowski | Morning Consult As President Donald Trump schmoozed with economic titans in Davos, Switzerland, over the weekend, news from Washington indicated parts of his trade agenda won’t go forward as planned. In a unanimous ruling, the U.S. International Trade Commission struck down the Trump administration’s request to slap tariffs of 300 percent […]

Workers can’t afford tariffs or a trade war, President Trump

To the Trump protectionist hammer, every product imported looks like a nail. On Monday, we learned that President Trump’s trade enforcer, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, announced new tariffs on solar panels and washing machines assembled outside the U.S. For washers and dryers from companies such as Samsung and LG, steep tariffs as high as […]

Trudeau Should See NAFTA Renegotiation As His Biggest Priority

By Yaël Ossowski | Huffington Post Trump needs to be shown that protectionism south of the border hurts American and Canadian consumers as much as it helps hand-picked American producers. At this point in the Donald Trump presidency, it’s become clear that protectionism is become the ruling mantra. Whether it’s tariffs slapped on Bombardier jets […]

Consumers Lose No Matter Who Wins The U.S.-Canada Jet Subsidy War

Putting into action the protectionist rhetoric of U.S. President Donald Trump, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Tuesday a tariff of more than 200 per cent on Bombardier’s C-Series regional jet. The initial complaint was lodged by Chicago-based aerospace company and defence contractor Boeing, the largest U.S. exporter of goods and the top recipient […]

Cheaper Meat for Europeans and Affordable Cars for Canadians

By Yaël Ossowski and Fred Roeder | PanAm Post On October 18, the Canadian government signed a free trade agreement with the European Union. Though it still awaits ratification by EU member states and Canadian provinces, a quick peek into the historic document reveals exactly how reduced trade barriers will foster growth and boost prosperity […]