6: Technology as Pharmakon

The question of the impact of technology is a major theme in today’s culture. TV shows, books, and even entire fields of philosophy are dedicating to exploring the positive and negative impacts. Social media, an important method of communication for a large portion of Earth’s population, is very much an extension of this. In a sense, technology is the ultimate pharmakon, both a remedy and a poison in the same fell swoop. What does this dichotomy mean for how we’ll allow technology to shape our lives? Devolution Review: Crypto Imagination and the Coming Nightmare https://devolutionreview.com/crypto-imagination-coming-nightmare/ SUBSCRIBE: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6pd8fcgwv5pzM7gDsiZxITYouTube: http://yael.at/youtubeRSS: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/702439.rssApple […]

On the Prospect of Living and Working Multiple Lives

The first time I really came to understand that my mind was operating on multiple levels was in early days of elementary school. I brought a friend over to my house to enjoy some snacks and video games. Typical fun time. Though we entered quickly and I headed up the stairs after giving my mom a quick 5-second summary of my day, my friend stood frozen at the entrance. No doubt, it was the first time this southern-raised whippersnapper heard French being spoken, as we always did in my household. While he let out nothing but a whimper and stared […]