Les Malentendus EP4: Nonante-neuf problèmes (avec Frédéric Jollien)

EP4: Nonante-neuf problèmes (avec Frédéric Jollien) | RSS.com Podcasting Nonante-neuf problèmes Invité: Frédéric Jollien Les suisses romands La démarcation entre les suisses La neutralité Suisse Cryptomonnaies et Bitcoin Les mots du jour — Les Malentendus avec @YaelOss et @WirtzBill. 3. février 2022 Suivez-nous sur Podcasting 2.0! Podcast Index: https://bit.ly/3nNi0iK Apple: https://apple.co/3FQj63z Google: https://bit.ly/3fQU5dP Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3fIedPh RSS: https://media.rss.com/malentendus/feed.xml

Les Malentendus EP3: Pas chez nous

EP3: Pas chez nous | RSS.com Podcasting Pas chez nous Eurovision Podcasting 2.0 Les grands propriétaires Les « pas chez nous » Logements sociaux L’anti-américainisme Nationalisme Intégration Les mots du jour Ukraine Le but de l’union européenne Les Malentendus avec @YaelOss et @WirtzBill. 27. janvier 2022 Suivez-nous sur Podcasting 2.0! Podcast Index: https://bit.ly/3nNi0iK Apple: https://apple.co/3FQj63z Google: https://bit.ly/3fQU5dP Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3fIedPh RSS: https://media.rss.com/malentendus/feed.xml

Les Malentendus EP2: Le journalisme

Le journalisme | RSS.com Podcasting Le journalisme La confiance en journalisme baisse de chaque année Vers un modèle anglais ? Une crise pour la démocratie ou non ? Les médias privées vs publiques Est-ce que les contribuables doivent subventionner les médias ? Radio-Canada et les médias subventionnées au Québec François Legault sur Tout le Monde en Parle Les journalistes comme activistes pour l’étatisme La radio et le podcasting L’éditorial et la presse française La fragmentation des médias L’avenir du journalisme et le substacking et patreonisation de tout RSS pour suivre l’information Pour s’informer de son pays, il faut lire la […]

The Innocents Abroad 29: The Grand Narrative Jest

Broadcasting from Austria and Serbia, a podcast on life and society abroad. 26. September 2020 with Yaël Ossowski and Todor Papic 2:00 – A Serbian Man Escapes the EU 7:00 – Polish COVID 9:00 – Detailing international travel 12:00 – Buying Car 15:00 – Ron Paul Medical Episode 16:00 – Antiracism, Social Justice 16:50 – Identitarianism 20:00 – Growing Americanization of Everything 28:00 – It all comes from Australia 32:00 – Karl Popper and the Open Society 36:00 – Excited for Johan Norberg’s new book 44:00 – Podcasts to listen to 51:00 – David Foster Wallace and Quebec Separatism 55:00 […]

US Prohibition: The Noble Experiment?

Prohibition in the United States was dubbed the “Noble Experiment”. For 13 long, dry, and dreary years, the government aimed to keep alcohol out of the hands of its citizens, creating a litany of unintended consequences that continue to have an impact today. In this episode, Yaël Ossowski describes the rise of the “dry” campaigners who sought Prohibition to remove alcohol from society, the bootlegging gangsters who built their fortunes, and the millions of Americans who became scofflaws in the face of corruption, violence, and disorder. The Consumer Choice Center: https://consumerchoicecenter.org/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thshistorysociety/ Intro and Outro Music: Fearless […]

The Innocents Abroad: Pratik Chougle on Why the Pacifist Movement Died

Over the last century, there was a vibrant peace and pacifist movement that existed in the United States. However, as wars have grown into far-off conflicts and the military has usurped part of civilian life, a standing movement for pacifism has faded from the scene in the 21st Century. Added to that, political parties have enshrined particular doctrines of war as necessary and just, and war has become bipartisan. In this episode of The Innocents Abroad, we speak with Pratik Chougule about why the pacifist movement has become passé. Article: https://nationalinterest.org/feature/peace-pass%C3%A9-why-pacifist-movement-died-90321 #pacifism #peace #war Pratik Chougule is a researcher and […]

6: Technology as Pharmakon

The question of the impact of technology is a major theme in today’s culture. TV shows, books, and even entire fields of philosophy are dedicating to exploring the positive and negative impacts. Social media, an important method of communication for a large portion of Earth’s population, is very much an extension of this. In a sense, technology is the ultimate pharmakon, both a remedy and a poison in the same fell swoop. What does this dichotomy mean for how we’ll allow technology to shape our lives? Devolution Review: Crypto Imagination and the Coming Nightmare https://devolutionreview.com/crypto-imagination-coming-nightmare/ SUBSCRIBE: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6pd8fcgwv5pzM7gDsiZxITYouTube: http://yael.at/youtubeRSS: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/702439.rssApple […]

5: Who Controls Language?

Language is both beautiful and organic. It varies from country to country, in dialect, pattern, and tone. However, certain institutions and people are trying to change language and how we use it, both for political reasons and for simplification. Will they be successful? What if people reject these changes? How can we ensure the survival of our languages? Survey: Only 2% of Hispanics Prefer the Politically Correct Term ‘Latinx’https://reason.com/2019/11/04/latinx-poll-think-now-hispanics-2020-woke/ Tweethttps://twitter.com/YaelOss/status/1192388378576248832?s=20 Une réforme pour simplifier les participes passéshttps://www.journaldequebec.com/2019/11/01/une-reforme-pour-simplifier-les-participes-passes SUBSCRIBE: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6pd8fcgwv5pzM7gDsiZxITYouTube: http://yael.at/youtubeRSS: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/702439.rssApple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ya%C3%ABlsplaining/id1486425227 http://podcast.yael.at