The Green Rush Is Already Here, and We Need Smart Cannabis Policy to Direct It

This week, 60 Minutes ran a report on the failure of cannabis policy in California, specifically the marijuana-rich region of the Emerald Triangle. Though California legalized cannabis beginning in 2017, the region has created a special conundrum for law enforcement and regulators. The northwestern region of the state, with its ideal growing climate, grows an estimated 70% of the nation’s cannabis. A good chunk of that, as you can guess, is sold illicitly in states where cannabis is not yet legal, recreationally, medically, or otherwise.  Much more, 78% of all cannabis sold in California is estimated to be grown illegally, beyond the reach of taxes and […]

What is Smart Cannabis Policy?

What is smart cannabis policy? And where can we find it? How will future regulations on cannabis shape our economy and society? Hear those insights and more with CCC Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski, live from the State Policy Network conference in Colorado, where he addressed the audience on that same topic. Broadcast on 1. November 2019, and interviewed by Joe Catenacci on Big Talker 106.7 FM.