Yaël on Joe Catenacci Show: Spanish Caliphate, Brexit Day, and Breaking Down Coronavirus

Consumer Choice Center Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski on The Joe Catenacci Show. Topics discussed: Yaël reports from Córdoba, Spain: The History of Islamic Spain and the Moors Brexit Day: What happens when the clock runs out Free Trade coming? The WHO cares more about vaping than coronavirus China’s crackdown on people sharing virus info shows it is totalitarian The UK will use Huawei equipment for its 5G: what’s the potential fallout? This was broadcast on January 31, 2020, on The Big Talker WFBT 106.7FM http://bigtalkerfm.com Listen to our weekly radio program Consumer Choice Radio.

PanAm Podcast: Yael Ossowski Suggests Greater Political Autonomy Might Avert Catalonia Crisis

A recent podcast conducted with PanAm Post. This past weekend, the world watched as Mariano Rajoy‘s government deploy the national police to the Catalonia region in what proved to be a violent attempt to shut down an independence referendum regarding a political break with Spain. Journalist Yael Ossowski wrote an op-ed for the Washington Examiner in which he called for political autonomy for the region as a possible way to avert a complete political break, and compared the Spanish experience with that of his native Quebec. While he ultimately concludes that Western democracies must respect the will of the people […]

How do you build a successful independence movement?

By Yaël Ossowski In Scotland’s 2014 referendum, what I really learned is that a successful independence movement must be cultural and all-encompassing. A minority language helps. For many years, that’s what Québec had. But entrenched politicians (at the federal and provincial levels) began to change the terms of independence and what it would mean for citizens. It became too wrapped up in a left-leaning projection of the world in which a more powerful state would coddle its citizens. Welfarism became the norm (those who condemn the Catalonia referendum results for this reason are not necessarily wrong). For Scotland it was […]

We are all Catalonians now: Why the Spanish crisis matters for all nations

In scenes straight from a 1984-esque dystopian thriller, armed policemen from the Spanish Guardia Civil descended into the streets of the Catalonian region over the weekend to halt a planned referendum for independence. Clubs were whirled in the air, polling stations demolished, and voters shoved to the ground. At last count, more than 1,300 people were injured in the crackdown on the Catalonian independence referendum, including 893 civilians armed with nothing but aspirations for a new country. Overall, 90 percent of the region voted to make Catalonia an independent state. Spanish political elites say it was an illegal and unconstitutional […]