Speech on Veterans’ Day, 11.11.2006

I wrote this speech and delivered it at the 2006 Veteran’s Day event at the Boys & Girls Club of Cabarrus County as the then-president of the Tarheel Keystone Club. The words remain true, but today I would extend them to all veterans and activists for peace worldwide. Happy Armistice Day to all. May peace reign supreme.–– Good morning Veterans, parents, and families. My name is Yaël Ossowski and I am the current President of the Keystone Club of the Boys and Girls Club of Cabarrus County. I thank you all for attending this program, as we pay homage to […]

The Day the GOP Died

Music video recorded with Free the People and Students For Liberty in Cleveland, Ohio, during the 2016 Republican National Convention. As Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination for president, the GOP convention feels more like a wake than a wedding. And what’s a wake without a good drinking song? THE DAY THE GOP DIED A long, long time ago I can still remember how their principles made me smile And I knew if they had a chance The GOP could advance A conservative agenda for the rank n’file But Super Tuesday made me shiver With every election result delivered Bad […]

Speech in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On Saturday, 23. May I gave a speech at an event organized by my friend and European Students For Liberty Chairman Stoyan Panchev in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It was my speech on Free Immigration: Defending the Right to Live and Work Anywhere and Everywhere. Plovdiv was the 5th city and Bulgaria the 4th country I’ve given this speech in.

Upcoming Speech in Oslo, Norway

On Tuesday, 26. May, I will be speaking at an event of Liberalistene (The Capitalist Party of Norway) at the Eldorado Bokhandel in central Oslo, Norway. I will discuss Private education, the importance of competition and the liberty movement among students, highlighting the work of European Students For Liberty.