Why We Need Students For Liberty

I’m using ink-stained hands to type on this keyboard today. I’ve been writing personal Thank You letters to the greatest supporters and contributors of Students For Liberty – a new fountain pen has twisted into exhaustion. Though the ink will fade, the work of SFL shall continue to thrive. I’ve worked as a volunteer and […]

Next generation of ESFL Local Coordinators gathers in Germany to carry torch of freedom

GUMMERSBACH — Undeterred by the shaky political and economic climate of the European continent, 51 Local Coordinators from European Students For Liberty gathered in Germany this week to train, discuss strategies and ideas, and find the best way forward for promoting social and economic freedoms on university campuses across Europe. Representing 28 different nations, from Iceland to Turkey, […]

European Students For Liberty

I’m pleased to announce I will be joining the European Executive Board of Students For Liberty. It is truly an honor to serve alongside so many freedom fighters who are working on bringing liberty to their individual nations. Here is a picture from our recent retreat in Switzerland:

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