‘Homeland’ and Lessons of Blowback

For the casual audience tuning into Showtime on Sunday evenings, it’s not likely they’re searching for artful deconstructions of a nation in the midst of clandestine war, illegal surveillance, and retaliatory attacks on civilian populations. But for the award-winning Homeland, still laced with plenty of suspense, sex, and smut, this is precisely what is offered. Using character studies, thematic elements, […]

FL: Nelson’s anti-tax fraud bill would beef up local cops’ tax enforcement powers

By Yaël Ossowski | Florida Watchdog ST. PETERSBURG — If Sen. Bill Nelson had his way, local police departments across the country would not only be empowered to go after criminals breaking local laws, but also enforce federal tax crimes related to fraud and identity theft. The Identity Theft and Tax Fraud Prevention Act, introduced by Nelson on July […]

HUMAN EVENTS: Swing State Report, Week 6

More from my contribution to this week’s Human Events magazine: FLORIDA Romney, Ryan, Biden in Sunshine State looking to persuade undecided voters More uncertainty abounds in the race to capture Florida, with only two weeks remaining before the election and more miles due to be logged by the Republican and Democratic candidates. Thursday, GOP vice presidential […]

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