FTM2: Bitcoin is the Internet’s Native Currency


It’s January 3rd, Happy Birthday Bitcoin! 🎉

Today we open a new chapter on this newsletter/podcast. I sit down with my good friend Yaël Ossowski who has been the second author on “Fix the Money” for a while.

Yaël is a long-term Bitcoiner and freedom advocate who’s been actually using Bitcoin in his daily business for a while. He is also deep into all the technical stuff — something I’m getting better at!

We talk about our plans for “Fix the money,” what to expect from the world in 2023, and the ideas and history behind Bitcoin, the Internet’s Native Currency.

Expect to hear/read much more from us in 2023 as we take this Substack to the next level! There will be plenty of interviews with various personalities and experts of all types, plus those who are using Bitcoin actively in their lives to Fix the Money.

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Best, Niko



Niko: @nikojilch

Yaël: @yaeloss / nostr: a367f9eb1cb3a241a7f3646f31cd6d597bbbbf8eaeb5cd2e707d09b00633efea

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