The Dynamist Podcast: Europe’s Tech Tug of War

This week I was invited on the Foundation for American Innovation’s The Dynamist podcast, hosted by Evan Swarztrauber.

We discuss the delta between American and European approaches to technology regulation, and how those policies and cultural differences impact Big Tech, startups, venture capital, and artificial intelligence.

Listen on Apple, Overcast.

From Evan’s description:

The question has become cliche: Why doesn’t Europe have “Big Tech” companies? Critics of the European Union’s approach to tech regulation say it’s just that—they’ve regulated too much. But proponents of a stronger hand say America’s relative “light-touch” has left consumers unprotected from abuse of their personal and sensitive data. As the EU continues to lead the democratic world in regulating tech, will their standards become the global standard, or will tech firms start splintering their products and user experiences for different markets? Is the impact of European regulation overplayed? Can differences in the continent’s tech sector be better explained by a more conservative investment culture than the risk-taking of Silicon Valley? Evan discusses all that and more with Yael Ossowski, deputy director of Consumer Choice Center, a global consumer advocacy group. Check out his radio show & podcast Consumer Choice Radio here.