Vice: To sell, or not to sell:As Bitcoin hits the $10,000 mark, investors need to make a game-time decision

I was quoted in a Vice article on the latest Bitcoin milestone.

You could speed up a transaction, but that would cost you an extra fee — at times, 10 percent of the amount you’re trying to transfer, which, given today’s prices, simply don’t make sense for the average retail investor.

“I bought a coffee at a London cafe for 3 pounds, and I had to wait 2 hours to get it confirmed, and that was back in 2014 when there were fewer transactions” Yael Ossowski, a bitcoin investor and Deputy Director at the Consumer Choice Center, an international think-tank, told VICE Money.

Ossowski calls cryptocurrencies an “experiment,” and the bitcoin bubble “investor craziness”.

“The 21st-century version has welcomed a plethora of slick consultants, hazy schemes dressed up as investor possibilities, and too much wishy-washy language for anything to really make sense to anyone who wants to use a digital currency to make purchases,” he argued in a scathing Huffington Post op-ed.

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