Yaël Ossowski, M.A. – CEVRO INSTITUTE

Yaël Ossowski, M.A. – CEVRO INSTITUTE

The Eight Questions and Answers

What is your current job position? 
Deputy Director, Consumer Choice Center

Why did you choose CEVRO Institute?
I chose CEVRO Institute for my master’s degree because of the reputation of the institution, the great faculty, and the location right in downtown Prague.

Has the school changed your life? If so, how? 
Being at CEVRO gave me new insight on apply academic insights to my work and the best way to use my current network for full potential. Not only do I have friends for life, but I still have contact with professors in many different countries who also have many opportunities for the best students of the program.

Did the CI university degree help with your career? 
Indeed, a newly minted master’s degree from CEVRO Institute has helped me connect with professionals around the world. Not only have people been more receptive of me because of my connection to CEVRO, but they’ve also been very curious about how they can also get involved with the university. For anyone from Europe, Canada, or the United States, CEVRO is sure to be an advantage once you’re out on the job market or looking to become a professor.

What would you recommend to other students to get better prepared for a future career?
For anyone who is looking to advance their career, contacts, and their skills, CEVRO Institute is a no-brainer. Nowhere else can you get such a high-quality education with world-class professors who actually care about what their teaching as much as your involvement in the classes.

Life is not just about study and work. How do you spend your free time? 
In Prague, I was able to play squash, enjoy the river with my classmates, check out the nightlife and get involved with many young entrepreneurs in the city who are building very interesting projects.

Will you tell us something unusual/funny about yourself? 
I’m a French Canadian who grew up in the southern United States, speaks four languages, and who enjoys watching NASCAR races as much as writing in cafés.

If you were to say the most important reason for studying at CEVRO Institute, what would it be?
The most important reason one should go to CEVRO is for the COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE. You get to enjoy all the great perks of life in Prague, all the while learning at a great institution with teachers who have real-world knowledge and experience. For the price you pay, you cannot find a better alternative in Europe.

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