Not your keys, not your coins: Claiming better ownership of your stack with Bitcoin privacy

The tools to be a better sovereign Bitcoin user are at your disposal – and recent developments suggest you should use them When significant consolidations happen in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoiners have a habit of sounding the alarm, reminding folks to remove their hard-earned Satoshis from exchanges and brokerages. It’s sound advice both from a price perspective […]

New York lawmakers just killed Bitcoin and crypto mining and consumers will suffer

Albany, NY – Early this morning, the New York State Senate joined with the State Assembly to pass a moratorium on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining, issuing yet another reminder that state lawmakers want to deny their residents from interacting with cryptocurrencies. The law would prevent new permits from being issued to carbon-based fueled proof-of-work mining operations that use behind-the-meter energy, […]

Don’t Be Fooled by Those Who Want to Save You From Tech Monopolies

In the heyday of the net-neutrality fight last decade, tech activists and companies warned of a doom scenario without it: Internet toll lanes, blocking of data and slower speeds. If Washington didn’t reclassify internet service providers as public utilities and give the Federal Communications Commission oversight, they argued, our entire online experience would change for […]

EP6: Baraki (avec Nicola Tournay)

EP6: Baraki (avec Nicola Tournay) | Baraki Invité : Nicola Tournay La Wallonie et la Belgique francophone Relation avec le peuple flamand Le Congo Les mots du jour — Les Malentendus avec @YaelOss et @WirtzBill. 04. mars 2022 Suivez-nous sur Podcasting 2.0! Podcast Index: Apple: Google: Spotify: RSS:

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